May 18 • 32M

The myth of perfectionism with Sian Clifford

My book is out today and episode #2 of The Success Myth Diaries! I chat to Fleabag's fave sis on fine-tuning intuition, creativity & life post-BAFTA.

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Emma Gannon
Author Emma Gannon invites curious thinkers and creative sparks to discuss what success means to them and each unpicking a dangerous 'success myth'.
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My new book The Success Myth is out TODAY.

Writing and promoting a book really does take a village and I could not be more appreciative of your support. I am so excited for your copies to land with you. If you haven’t already, why not order yours! Here’s some lovely quotes from some great people if you need persuading…

— “Gently reminds us that it is what we are, not what we do, that will always ultimately count.” ― Alain de Botton
— “This book changed how I think”
― Annie Macmanus, author of The Mess We're In
“I don't think I have ever needed a book more.” ― Dr Soph, author of A Manual for Being Human
—“Wise and immensely helpful.”
— Martha Beck

Episode #2: The Success Myth Diaries with Sian Clifford

photo credit: Catie Laffoon

To accompany the launch of this new book, I have interviewed some of my favourite thinkers on the topic of success, failure and creativity — and the most common success myths. Today’s guest is British actor Sian Clifford, probably best known for playing Claire in Fleabag (the toilet scene! The hair scene! The “the only person I'd run through an airport for is you” line! *chefs kiss*) I have re-watched both seasons of Fleabag so many times and it is Sian who I am totally mesmerised by the most each time. She is also a treasured friend of mine (we’ve seen each other through a lot) and I was so lucky that she even agreed to read the audiobook for my first novel Olive, in the middle of a lockdown, no less!) I am a fan of her work on screen but it’s her writing that also has me feverishly wanting more. I am loving her creative love affair with her Substack, rebooting her project Still Space (first born back in 2015) where she communicates passionately and poetically about culture, art, books, stillness and creativity. I encourage you to have a read. Here Sian discusses her three success myths: the ‘then and when’ theory, the myth of busyness and the myth of perfectionism. Also, how winning a BAFTA doesn’t actually mean you’re on Cloud 9 forever — life and pressures continue on in other ways — aka the arrival myth, which she generously shares with us.

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