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Welcome, welcome! I am Emma Gannon, a ~creative multi-hyphenate~ but I will always call myself a writer first. Before being a full-time author, I was once a columnist for The Sunday Times and social media editor at Condé Nast and I’ve written for the likes of Vanity Fair, Vogue and The Guardian. My topics of choice are creativity, wellbeing and the future of work. I am a big fan of living a life on your own terms, reflected in my six books, inspiring readers to forge their own path. I am probably best known for my creative careers podcast Ctrl Alt Delete that attracted over 12 million downloads from 2016-2023 and was nominated for a Webby award, or my book about multi-hyphen living (The Multi-Hyphen Life) or maybe my debut novel OLIVE which was nominated for the Dublin Literary Prize in 2022. I am a total bookworm, obsessed, and I share my book recommendations weekly via this newsletter which is the fifth most popular literature newsletter on the platform globally. (Mad!?)

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Here you will find musings on work, wellbeing and creativity. I am a firm believer that you can create your own career path. I am also passionate about writing and words being paid for. You can read a round-up of all my 2023 posts here.

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Why did you start this newsletter?

I’ve been newsletter-ing since 2015. Now, I’m loving it more than ever. Social media used to be an exciting, joyful online space. Unfortunately, it is no longer that (for me). Instagram hides my posts, Twitter gets very dramatic, and Linkedin seems to be a lot of people in suits wishing me a slightly creepy happy birthday. I missed writing on the Internet. I missed the comment section on blogs. I missed the connection that can come from your own little corner of the Internet. Along came Substack, and this newsletter is a joy to write.

Why “The Hyphen”?

To me, ‘hyphens’ can symbolises that messy bit in the middle. The “in-between” bits of life, the hyphens that knit together all the different sides of ourselves. The bits between being a parent or being a worker or a next chapter or being [insert thing]. So, that’s why I called this newsletter The Hyphen. Anything goes here, but I will mainly be talking about books, wellbeing, creativity, joy, side-hustles and living life on your own terms. (Plus, it’s a little nod to my book The Multi-Hyphen Method.)

A bit more about me (the real stuff):

I am a reader as much as a writer. I love to travel. I like buying second-hand books. I don’t like big parties. I like wearing the colour yellow even though fashion magazines say you shouldn’t wear yellow if you’re blonde and pale. I’m an old-ish Millennial. I love living in a big city and escaping at the weekends, long walks, memoirs by women, working for myself, solo trips, reading in bed, buying new stationery, a good iced coffee, spiritual self-help, swimming, finding little trinkets in charity shops, organising my ridiculous bookshelves, city breaks with my husband, cooking easy things that look impressive, looking after other people’s dogs (a miniature dachshund has stolen my heart) and inviting friends over. Truthfully, I really love my life. I’m a Gemini, but just try and look past that. 

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✨ a cosy online space for curious readers ✨ from Sunday Times Bestselling author Emma Gannon. On books, work, wellbeing & creativity. 5th literature Substack globally. "One of Britain’s most prominent Substack writers" —The Times


Sunday Times Bestselling author of 6 books (OLIVE, Sabotage, Multi-Hyphen Method) latest The Success Myth out now. Former host of Ctrl Alt Delete pod. #5 Top Literature Substack. Books rep'd by Curtis Brown.