Sitemap - 2024 - The Hyphen by Emma Gannon

What's an 'ambition monster'?

Do you need a writer 'brand'?

The surprising joys of indie publishing

I'm launching a brand new podcast

Moving to a different city

#60 A Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

Books to soothe your nervous system

When things go wrong

You're invited to my special Substack event

The life-changing magic of finding a hobby

A Year Of Nothing

Wednesday thread (location 📍)

"Why bother writing books?"

#59 A Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

How to not burn out again

You're invited on my next retreat

Friday Thread 🧵 Ask me anything

What is “quarter-life” angst?

On accepting who we are

When Elizabeth Gilbert gets in touch

#65 Tuesday Thread (palms)

#58 A Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

How to stay sane on Substack

Excited to be child-free (by choice)

The problem with book blurbs

#64 Tuesday Thread (movement)

#57 A Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

Just like a prayer

Green slime feelings

Women who work too much

#56 A Mini Sunday Scroll ☕️

Win a coaching package worth £1,500

Trains of thought

#63 Tuesday Thread (check in)

Please leave by 9pm

#55 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

Substack stage fright

Behind the fairy-tale debut novelist story

How I run The Hyphen on Substack

#53 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

The pros and cons of being a multi-hyphenate

Does writer’s block actually exist?

The unexpected joy of being a nobody

Let's talk about creativity & A.I.

#52 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

Instead of 'smashing goals', how about adding in more 'creative rest'?

Three practical ways to incorporate 'creative rest'