Sitemap - 2023 - The Hyphen by Emma Gannon

A late night conversation with Julia Cameron

Goodbye, Instagram

18 incredible creativity retreats to bookmark

#63 Tuesday Thread (thank you)

#51 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

My London Writers' Salon interview

The Success Myth comes to America!

The Hyphen: 2023 round-up 🎉

What if... we do have time?

My personal Substack 'rules'

#62 Tuesday Thread (wrapped)

#50 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

The power of making good decisions

A year of change

Let's talk about "Life Portals"

#61 Tuesday Thread (2024)

#49 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

Signs that you might have "a boundary issue"

How to write a good pitch email

Bad burnout: one year on

Win a writing staycation worth £550

#60 Tuesday Thread (funk)

#48 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

Personal branding doesn't need to be icky

#59 Tuesday Thread (check in)

How tuning into our cycles helps with creativity

Writing is not about the routine

#47 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

When will the word 'influencer' die out?

Your creativity owes you nothing

I went on a "deep rest" retreat post-burnout

#58 Tuesday Thread (ask me anything)

#46 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

34 things I know at 34

#57 Tuesday Thread (the woo)

I don’t want to be an author "brand"

Taking a break online

My favourite cosy food memoirs

#56 Tuesday Thread (digi clean up)

#45 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

How to grow your newsletter

We have more than just five senses

#55 Tuesday Thread (Anti To-Do List)

An exciting invitation for you 🌱

On scrapping a novel and starting again

#44 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

A literary-themed trip to Edinburgh

My first impression of the book industry

#54 Tuesday Thread (Q for you)

#43 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

One thing that supercharged my creativity

#53 Tuesday Thread (brain holiday)

8 types of people to avoid in life/work

When you don't want to talk about it

#52 Tuesday Thread (writing routines)

#42 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

How I make six figures on Substack

#51 Tuesday Thread (viral)

Meeting you was a delight

Free to read: Is social media over— or are we just older now?

My 10 favourite Substacks

#41 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

How to be creative (when you have no time)

The B word

#40 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

Are we living in reality?

#50 Welcome thread 👋

Let's talk about passive income

#39 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

#49 A thread on Threads

How to play the career long game

Get a free membership to The Hyphen ❤️

How to make a podcast (and earn money)

Kudos, Lewis Capaldi

#48 Tuesday Thread (community check-in)

#38 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

The creative act of dressing ourselves

The books that got me through burnout

How to be alone (actually alone)

#47 Tuesday Thread (summer)

#37 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

Not a Sunday Times Bestseller

#46 Tuesday Thread (our parts)

#45 Tuesday Thread (a question for you)

#36 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

Want a coaching session with me?

#45 Tuesday Thread (coincidences)

Introducing The Success Myth Diaries Podcast! 🎧

#44 Tuesday Thread (memories)

Does making a literary 'list' change your life?

How to find compassion for ourselves

An introverted night owl goes on a group fitness retreat

#43 Tuesday Thread (JOMO)

#35 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

What my literary agent is reading

#42 Tuesday Thread (retreats)

How I trained to be a coach

#41 Tuesday Thread (Ask Me Anything)

#34 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

"Yes, I chose my career over having kids"

#40 Tuesday Thread (AI)

Burnout isn't always about overworking

18 different types of friends

#39 Tuesday Thread (new pod?)

#33 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

Why I’m investing in Substack $

#38 Tuesday Thread (24 hours)

How I made Substack my job (accidentally)

"Being mediocre sets you free"

#37 Tuesday Thread (book gifts)

#32 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

The trap of "too much"

#36 Tuesday Thread (main character energy)

The books that inspired my novel 'Olive'

#35 Tuesday Thread (style it out)

#31 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

Opting out of hustle culture

Let's talk about the writing process

#34 Tuesday Thread (the wilderness)

#30 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

The cosy delights of the Internet

#33 Tuesday Thread (clichés)

I burnt out badly. Here's how I am (still) recovering.

What Oliver Burkeman Is Reading

#32 Tuesday Thread (check in & Q&A)

#29 Your Slow Sunday Scroll ☕️

No time for trolls

#31 Tuesday Thread (empaths etc)

Free to read: Our obsession with achievement is a trap

#30 Tuesday Thread (the success myth)

#28 A Slow Sunday Scroll for you 📜

How to know when to quit

#29 Tuesday Thread (quitting)

Goodbye, Ctrl Alt Delete podcast

Ctrl Alt Delete: A walk down memory lane

#28 Tuesday Thread (desk inspo 🪴)

Alone in Porto

#27 Your first 2023 Sunday Scroll

How I transitioned from non-fiction to fiction

#27 Tuesday Thread (New Year's wish)